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Welcome to the April issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Asesores. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

sunset in the Torrevieja's Saltworks

Sunset at Torrevieja Saltworks

Spanish economy updates

We are often asked to provide a summary of what's happening with the Spanish economy. The following article published in El País and translated from Spanish provides an interesting overview of some recent events:

This article taken from 'The Guardian' and reported in 'presseurop' gives an up-to-date version of what's happening generally in Europe:

The truth behind the Chinese

You can't help but notice that there have been rather a lot of Chinese businesses opening up around the place. Chinese shops and restaurants seem to be taking over. There are a few myths that have grown up around them too.

The myths around the Chinese and Spanish tax is one that really should be put to rest. Their shops do pay taxes just like anyone else. They also work very hard. Whatever you feel about them you must pay credit to their enterprise, determination and in the end most of us make use of their services!

For more insight read:

The Britain v. Spain debate

We have had a response in the UK v. Spain debate - this time comparing Scotland and Spain.

For Scotland:

- The change in the availability of health care for early retirees in the Valencian Comunidad
- The tax paid in Spain
- Increases in the cost of living including the cost of fuel

For Spain:

- The health care here - excellent
- Plenty of sunshine

Although our respondents have decided in the end to return to Scotland they still do not regret spending their time in Spain and overall, have had a good time whist they've been here.

Further contributions to the debate are always welcome!

This month's new website

There's no shortage of websites available for those interested in buying overseas. This month's suggestion is:

As its title suggests it covers many countries and isn't just restricted to property in Spain.

We invite your
feedback and
Please e-mail us at...


Ábaco update

Managing Spanish inheritance

It's a difficult subject that can be hard to face. We've put together a 4 step plan for those who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having lost a relative with property in Spain.

You can read the article, 'Four steps to managing your Spanish inheritance' on our website.

The latest on Corvera airport

It doesn't look like it's opening any time soon. The new Corvera airport, Murcia, planned to replace San Javier, is still in moth balls. The most recent prediction is that Corvera will open in the summer 2013:

Of course, if you're a fan of San Javier then this may be good news for you. The longer Corvera remains empty the longer San Javier will be still available for flights.

Still on the theme of airports

In the MSN News today readers selected their top 5 most stressful budget airlines. The results were:

1 Ryanair - 66%
2 Easyjet - 17%
3 Fly Thomas Cook - 3%
4 Monarch - 3%
5 Flybe - 2%

Ryanair has come top of the polls again. This time it's a poll they'd probably rather be bottom of. For more information and the airlines' responses:

The Latest on Paramount

Little by little the prospect of Paramount seems to come closer. There is now indication that contracts have been signed - even if they're not for the full quota of land originally expected:

You can see exactly what's planned on this Youtube site. Looks impressive!

Predictably those who live close to the site are hoping to cash in. Property developers and resale agents have been advertising the desirability of their properties on the back of Paramount.

Looking for something to do with the children?

You may not be a great fan of soft play areas and they're not always needed in Spain, but it can be useful to have the odd alternative for those infrequently rainy days.

Chasers in Dolores has its own website:

La Amsteleria chain also cater for children often having ball pools and catering for children's parties.

For more ideas there are some good suggestions for those in the Alicante region on this link:


Meet Charlie Dimmock

On May 22nd and 23rd you can meet Charlie Dimmock from ground force at The Homes Gardens and Outdoor Living Show at San Miguel Castle, San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante province. There will be a number of exhibitors there including a classic car show case event. For more information go to:

The castle itself is worth a visit even if you can't make this event.

An interesting online magazine

If you've got time to spare you might like to flick through this online magazine:

'Family Life in Spain' includes some interesting articles on:

- different parts of Spain including Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Gran Canaria and Jaen
- recipes and Spanish food
- the benefits and disadvantages of buying rural or buying on the coast
- ways in which you can save money

Spanish street in spring

Traditional white Spanish houses

Wanting to learn Spanish?

If you're wanting to learn Spanish but are finding it difficult to find the time you could try going to this website:

There are vocabulary games including word searches, hangman, a 'words of the day' section and even a test. Be warned, the test relies heavily on your knowledge of Spanish grammar so if you don't know your verb from your adverb, you're best to avoid this one.

24 hour shopping - yes or no?

Madrid are ruling that shops can open 24 hours if they wish. Smaller shops do not want the extra opening hours and there are concerns that it will make it even harder for them to maintain their business. The fact that shops do tend to close in Spain for bank holidays and usually on a Sunday means that you are forced to think of something else to do. It also means that more families can spend the day together.

On the other hand there are those who maintain that in a time of recession businesses should be doing everything that they can to make themselves available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The pros and cons are explained in this article:

What do you think? 24 hour shopping Yes or No?



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