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Welcome to the June issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Asesores. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Peñíscola, Castellón

Whitewashed houses with orange rooftops. Peñíscola, Castellón

A reason to get married?

If you're married - how did you decide? Was it a spontaneous decision or a carefully thought out plan? Did you do it for love…or money? Chances are you didn't do it for inheritance. Read our article here to find out why, if you haven't tied the knot already, you just might want to do so…

Do you think that learning the language should be compulsory?

We asked you what you thought and you told us. Two thirds of you responding (67%) said 'yes' you should have to learn the language and a third (33%) said 'no' it should be up to you whether you learn it or not. A firm vote in favour. Those language courses should be busy!

In the news

A wonderful example of peaceful protesting or petulant teenagers? The Spanish 'revolution' in Madrid has attracted mixed reaction. To establish your own version from the journalistic evidence try reading these interesting but different accounts: and

Airport Angst - or how to avoid it

After a rather fraught trip using different airlines out and back I came to the conclusion that a ready reference for luggage limits might be useful. Please keep in mind this is a rough guide only and you should always check the small print when you book. However, here goes!

Hand luggage restrictions
Cargo restrictions
Ryan Air
15kg or 20kg
22 kg
10kg 56x45x25cm
22 kg
20 kg
No rest.

Beating Ryan Air

There is no doubt this is a sensitive subject. Many of you are keen to avoid the card booking fees and the article about a pre-paid card which enables you to do this was very popular. The trouble is that the card seems to be restricted to UK residents. Certainly it looks as though you need a UK address. If anyone finds an alternative for Spanish residents or can throw general light on this please let us know and we'll put the word on the street.


Where do you call home?

If you are a resident in Spain when did you first start calling it home? Or perhaps you still don't? It's quite an exciting leap when you begin to feel that flying back from your country of origin = flying home.

On another note, it is important that wherever your home might be it's recorded as such. A new client of ours did not have fiscal residency and found that this caused her difficulties on selling her property.

For more information read our article here.

We're good at charities

The British don't always get good press but there is one thing we're good at (as well as Royal Weddings) and that's giving. Our record of donating money to charity here in Spain is pretty commendable. Often it's an organisation who engage in some activity or entertainment to raise money.

For example Rascals are presenting their Music and Dance Extravaganza 'Rags to Riches' 28th and 29th June and 6th July. All ticket sales go to charities such as Age Concern, ALPE, APANEE, Alzeihmers Association, Cofriadia, Contra Cancer to name but a few. They're looking for new members as well as advertising their shows, so if you're interested have a look at their website

It's not only tescos

We're not short of supermarkets on the Costa Blanca. Just like in the UK we have quite a range from Mercadona (local Spanish) to Iceland (overseas branches stocking British products).

There's not-so-cheap, cheap and cheaper. Something for every taste - although I'm not sure I've found the equivalent to M&S yet. The question is do they deliver?

If you've got used to internet shopping in the UK, you don't have a car or if you're finding it a little difficult to get around, having your supermarket shopping delivered to the door can be just the job.

Here is a summary of what´s available for those wanting a little assistance with carrying their bags.

Masymas will arrange a free home delivery for orders over 60€

Mercadona have an online shopping site (it's in English too). You are charged 7.21€ but there is no minimum order fee.

Carrefour have online shopping which includes food as well as all their household goods. It's in Spanish but could perhaps be a godsend especially in the summer.

Eroski have online shopping in Spanish

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Coming over?
What's coming up?

Are you Fit-4-All? The new health and well-being facilities in Punta Prima (Torrevieja) might be just what you are looking for on a dull day (or even a sunny one!) If you would like a little time out of the sun the gym hosts:

- A karma spa
- Thermal area
- Fitness room
- Thalasso therapy pool
- Finnish Sauna
- Turkish bath
- Pé-diluvio

There's also a hairdresser and nail studio, Zumba fitness classes, indoor cycling, pilates and boxercise classes.

If you don't know what half of these are why not look on the website or give the place a visit yourself?

Some local news

There's good news if you fly to Alicante airport and need to travel to Torrevieja. There is now a bus service that takes you from the airport and back again. Starting from the 23rd May it includes 8 services a day. This service will operate throughout the year and the price is set at around 7 euros. More details of times and stops can be found at

Someone's cooking in your kitchen

Would you like to improve your Spanish cooking? Even better, perhaps you'd like to get someone to cook it for you? Abelinda will come round to your home, cook for you and teach you how to do it at the same time. For something a little different to your usual meal out she will cater for you and your friends. For more information go to

Asian store

Do you like Asian cooking? If you do and are finding the ingredients difficult to locate we have a suggestion. You shouldn't have any problem remembering its name -The Asian Store. Based in Torrevieja, they stock a wide range of herbs and spices and other ingredients from around the world. They'll deliver without charge and even have an online shop.

If you're based close enough to visit yourself, it's second exit off the roundabout by the water park 'Aquopolis'. For the map, more information and more online shopping you can visit

Morella, Castellón

Wall of Town Fortifications
Peñíscola, Castellón


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