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Welcome to the September issue of "The Word on the Street". Your monthly news and information from Spain, provided by Ábaco Asesores. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.


Happening in Spain

Snippets from the Spanish press

Thinking about donating blood? Barcelona would be the place to do it. Hospitals here are offering gourmet-menu tasting as an incentive to encourage people to turn up and give blood. Yummy.

However you feel about bullfighting it continues to be a controversial talking point. The debate will continue as it looks as though Andalucía is about to follow Cataluña by considering placing a ban on bull fighting.

Do you know what a 'dropped ball point pen strike' is? Apparently it's what the Guardia Civil (Spanish police) have/ haven't been doing recently. They've cut down on the number of fines they issue in protest about working conditions. What a shame…


Keeping up with the news

Do you want to keep up-to-date with what's happening in Spain but don't speak much Spanish? You can find out what the headlines are in the main Spanish papers by going to news section.

Legal and Tax Updates

It's time for the non-resident tax declarations. The annual tax declarations should be processed before the deadline of December 31st. As always, Ábaco clients will receive information via their on-line accounts.

Gossip on the forums

What the word is on the streets

The EHIC (European Health Card) is still causing some confusion. What do you need when you're abroad? Read Abaco's article 'Obtaining your EHIC' on the website

Should English-speaking doctors be available in Spanish medical centres? The debate is on. On the one hand it is argued that translators are provided in some other European countries and should be in Spain too. Others feel that it shouldn't be necessary and that it's up to everyone to learn Spanish or to take a translator. Either way the English-speaking doctors are very much in demand.


Coming out?
What's coming up?

October 9th (Valencian holiday) and 12th (National holiday). Two bank holidays coming up, the first in the Valencian region and the second throughout Spain. Most shops will be closed so if you are coming over bring some supplies.

Why not visit the Marina Salinas in Torrevieja? With its tranquil atmosphere and situated away from the hub hub of the town it is a good place to have a quiet (if rather expensive) drink. If you want to book a bed in the 'chill' area of 'Jaima del Puerto' visit

At the pictures

For an update on the English language films showing at the Ozone go to: Cinema in English

A recommendation

Would you like to learn Spanish but you're not sure where to start? We would recommend 'Coffee Break Spanish' (stage 1) and 'Show time Spanish' (stage 2). These are free downloadable podcasts from

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