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Your Legal and Tax Experts in Spain

Ábaco Advisers

Ábaco Advisers is a well-respected firm of lawyers and tax advisors established in 1999. Since then the number of customers we take care of has increased to over 14,500.

We serve residents throughout Almería, Murcia and Alicante and non-residents across Spain, from Canary Islands to Catalonia.

We have clients all over the world from more than 52 different countries including UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, United States, Canada, Argentina, Kenya, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Australia.

Our client base might have grown but we have not lost our focus on the individual.

Ábaco stands out because:

We pride ourselves on:

We have offices in Alicante and Torrevieja, if you prefer to come in and meet us.

ÁbacoTaxes. More than 10 years of listening to you - helps us get it right

Not everyone wants to spend their spare time visiting a fiscal representative. If you are on holiday you want to be able to relax, not make appointments at your tax advisor's office.

Ábaco listens to its clients. And so ÁbacoTaxes was born. This on-line service means that you can save time and keep your tax affairs in order – without having to leave your home.

Not all our clients have the same needs. That's why we have introduced two packs. Our FREE Pack provides the introductory information to get you started and our Total Service Pack gives you complete access to our legal and fiscal services.

ÁbacoTaxes - Legal and Tax Solutions.
  • Total Service Pack

    ÁbacoTaxes Total Service Pack offers you in one pack all the legal and tax services you need throughout the year to be worry-free about your assets in Spain.

Our clients tell us what they think.

We don't assume that we get things right all the time. We ask our clients if we do.

Other professionals tell us what they think.

Part of our role is developing relationships with services and authorities on your behalf. We are an independent organisation who work first and foremost for our clients. However, we also recognise how important it is that we work professionally with colleagues to gain the best service for our clients that we can. Over the years we have developed many productive links and have worked with many associates, including:


  • “Many thanks for your explanation and prompt response, it is always refreshing to enjoy your very efficient and friendly services. I feel very comforted by your answer.”

    Gordon Worswick

  • “We have been treated excellent. We first chose you because of your language proficiency (Swedish), but now I can add knowledge as well after having seen your work. Please continue with your very nice and professional treatment.”

    Kristina Susanne Siggelin

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