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Other Ábaco services

We provide a full range of services that you can trust

Ábaco Advisers can help you with many aspects of your life and property in Spain. We provide a full range of services that you can trust. These include:

Property conveyancing
Property Conveyancing

We offer a totally inclusive service from the moment you choose your property to the time you move in. We will provide the expert guidance you need whether it is an off-plan or resale opportunity. Our personalised service includes drawing up contracts, completing searches, liaising between buyers and sellers and ensuring that arrangements are made for the payment of bills and taxes.

Property taxes

We will ensure that your property taxes are paid in full. This includes local taxes and imputed income tax – the tax that is charged if your property in Spain is not your main residence and could be rented out.

Personal taxes

Our fiscal department will complete your annual tax declaration to ensure that you are registered as a fiscal resident and can accrue the benefits that come with this.

Spanish wills
Spanish Wills

Let Ábaco prepare your Spanish will to ensure that the proper procedures have been followed and that your plans place your inheritors in the best position possible for inheriting your assets.

Probate and inheritance

Our specialist inheritance department can help you with all aspects of inheritance including legal change of ownership.

Mortgage arrangements

In conjunction with a selection of local Spanish banks we can help you to arrange a mortgage and give you advice in mortgaging procedure.

NIE/ Spanish residency

Making the necessary arrangements can be confusing. Ábaco can help you with your paper work and arrange for you to be accompanied to the town halls and police stations when obtaining your NIE and residency certificates.

Transfer of ownership after divorce

It can be difficult enough after a divorce or separation without having the worry of separating your business and personal affairs too. Ábaco's specialist team will liaise with divorce solicitors to make the process as smooth as possible.

Planning permission

We can oversee the whole legal procedure from liaising with the architect to applying for the building license.

Legalising home improvements

If, for whatever reason, you find an extension or change to your property has not been correctly applied for we can help rectify the situation.

Changing the description of property on the deed

Where extensions and additions to your property have been made you will need this to be registered on your deed. Ábaco can arrange this for you.

Property conveyance for companies

Ábaco has a vast experience in dealing with company property purchase and adapting company documentation between different countries.


We can provide official translations through our ‘sworn translator’ service.


Our legal department can help you navigate the Spanish judicial procedure in order to present a claim in court. We specialise in problems with construction companies.

If it’s not mentioned here, just ask. There are many more ways in which we can help you.

You enjoy Spain whilst we take care of your legal and financial matters.


  • “All our requests and legal advise has been explained fully, we have been supported positively at the first stages and for ongoing legal advise.”

    Robert and Mary Margaret Field

  • “Many thanks for your explanation and prompt response, it is always refreshing to enjoy your very efficient and friendly services. I feel very comforted by your answer.”

    Gordon Worswick

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