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Save the Children. Club 100

Save the Children is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which works to protect and promote the rights of children, being based on the convention of the United Nations about the Rights of Children, fighting for a just world for them. Save the children is present in more than 120 countries with helping programs, and some of the areas they deal with are: education health, nutrition, prevention of sexual abuse, child labour, family reunification after catastrophes and wars, etc.

Club 1000 has a commitment with the Millennium Development Goals, being currently its aim to reduce in 2/3 children mortality before 2015. Most of the children deaths in developing countries are due to illnesses which are easy to prevent and require cheap treatments. Some of the solutions that can save children’s lives:

Club 1000 Decalogue

  1. Protect the rights of all the children to receive prenatal and postnatal care.
  2. Spread that it is possible and very cheap to prevent or treat the worst children illnesses 
  3. Collaborate to save the lives of 25 million of children within the next 4 years.
  4. Help to increase the number of health and nutrition programs carried out by Save the Children
  5. Support the creation of free health programs.
  6. Pressure governments to develop policies according to the  Millennium Development Goals
  7. Cooperate with programs that can guarantee access to health with no need of solidarity actions.
  8. Promote solidarity between employees, providers and clients.
  9. Inform other companies about the actions carried out by Club 1000
  10. Offer a donation per year to save thousands of children’s lives.


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